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Parental and family communication and participation encouraged….

The ID Team shall develop programs in the areas of habilitation training, behavior modification, socialization, and self-help. Should a resident require other services, such services will be provided whenever possible by the corporation staff or outside agencies.


Additional services available….

We’re all equal, regardless of our needs…

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Necessary services, as identified by the resident's IPP, shall be provided as identified by the Interdisciplinary (ID) Team. Harbor Health Care consultants and staff will devise written individualized programs. We employ consultants in the areas of :




Harbor Health Care, Inc. is in existence to provide excellence in licensed, supervised care for people with developmental disabilities. We recognize our duty and responsibility to the growth and development of the people we serve. This includes the provision of clean, orderly surroundings, activity and training at developmental levels appropriate to the individual, written Individual Program Plans (IPPs), and an opportunity for involvement in  social, recreational, and community events. We also provide training programs designed to foster socially acceptable behavior, and assurance that all Human Rights and resident privacy are respected.


Harbor Health Care, Inc. recognizes the existence of God and is dedicated to the idea that each developmentally challenged person is a special part of God’s creation. Therefore, as an individual creation of God, each person is worthy of respect, love, confidence, and is entitled to a meaningful life and to foster growth to reach their fullest potential physically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually.

Parents, guardians, and residents are encouraged to participate in the development of the Individual Service Plan. They are also welcome to present suggestions for the improvement of resident care. Some of the best improvements in resident care have been the result of family communication.  Harbor Health Care will serve people with developmental disabilities who have been deemed appropriate for placement in a community environment.