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The Regional Center will send Harbor Health Care, Inc. a Pre-Placement Packet, which includes current psychological, social medical and educational history. When possible the current Individual Service Plan should be included.


Harbor Health Care (HHC) management will review the packet to determine where in the HHC System placement may be appropriate.


HHC will contact the Regional Center to schedule a meeting with the person needing services. After the initial meeting, an invitation for a pre-placement visit will be extended to the prospective resident. During the pre-placement visit, the person, their supporters and the facility will' asses the benefits of placement.


Within one week of the pre-placement visit, HHC will notify the Regional Center of the placement appropriateness of the prospective resident.  If all parties agree that the facility can provide the level of care and services that meets the person’s individual needs, an admission date will be scheduled.


Within 30 days of Admission, the Interdisciplinary Team (IDT) will meet to develop the Individual Service Plan (ISP). Parents, guardians, friends, and consumers are encouraged to participate in the development of this plan. The IDT determines individualized programs in the areas of habilitation, training, behavior modification, recreation, speech and language, physical therapy, socialization, self-care and independent living skills. A Health Care Plan is also reviewed by the Team to make sure all health concerns are addressed. Usually, representatives from the resident’s school, day-program or workshop also attend this meeting. It is important that everyone work together to create a plan that helps the consumer meet his or her goals for the future. Subsequently, the ISP is then reviewed semi-annually. The plan changes to reflect the person’s progress.


Who is Eligible for ICF/DD services?


Eligibility for ICF services is determined through a screening process. To be eligible for ICF services a person must meet all these criteria:


• Be determined to have a developmental disability or a related condition

• Have substantial limitations in present functioning, manifested as significantly sub-average intellectual functioning existing concurrently with demonstrated deficits in adaptive behavior


• Manifest conditions before the person’s 22nd birthday

• Require a 24-hour plan of care

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